24th November 2014

Purpose saves you Time and Energy – as well as giving Meaning!

"We are all unique manifestations of humanity, wherever we think humanity may come from ... The purpose of our time here is to real-ise - to make real - that uniqueness, and to give it to the world for the greater good through the actions of our lives."

This is one of the fundamental principles of our work in Extraordinary Leadership, LeadNow! and LeadDirect. The "realising" of our uniqueness is the journey of "becoming" that we set out on when we acknowledge that our existence here is a gift and accept, with gratitude, responsibility for it.

Now, this may all sound rather esoteric and metaphysical. But once we have discovered a sense of purpose for ourselves, deeply and honestly, it changes everything. Many of us who have children, for example, can remember how the sight of that first new, vulnerable baby revolutionised our view of our purpose as the immensity of becoming a parent sank in.

Our purpose becomes the magnet that gives pattern and shape to the "iron filing" chaos around us, clarifying our path through .. 

Our purpose is the keel of our "boat", keeping us upright and on course however rough the storms around us.

Purpose brings a new level of intentionality to everything we do. 

Because of this, it can have practical benefits at all levels. Here are 5 examples - you'll be able to think of many more:

  • Connecting with your purpose at the beginning of your day can clarify priorities and provide a deep motivation and energy as you see how purposefully this day can contribute to the pattern of your life.
  • When you find yourself getting tense or impatient, use that feeling as a trigger to connect with your purpose - "What am I trying to do here?" - and see how the increasing chaos suddenly has a pattern, a purposeful relationship, again.
  • When you put your key in the door as you arrive home, ask yourself "What is my purpose for my partner, for my children?" This will sever the momentum of all those work issues still occupying you and reconnect you with the love you feel for your family as you greet them
  • Ever been in a meeting that is hijacked by two people arguing - "locking horns"? Bring them back to the group by asking "What is the purpose of this discussion? What are we trying to achieve?" True purpose has no ego ...
  • Ever sat in a meeting wondering why you're there, why you were invited and why you accepted? We advise that you should never accept a meeting invitation unless the person who invites you can tell you why they need you there and what contribution they would like you to make - the purpose of your presence

The ancient alchemists searched for the philosopher's stone that could turn base metal into gold. A deep connection with your purpose could be the "stone" that will transform your life ...

Purpose saves you Time and Energy – as well as giving Meaning!

Purpose saves you Time and Energy – as well as giving Meaning!

Posted by Jefferson Cann

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