3rd September 2018

“What about ME?!’’ – How to Deal with Disruptive People

We have all experienced how disruptive, even toxic, certain individuals can be – digging their heels in obstructively over an important issue, refusing to engage or become part of a team, actively...

Posted by Jefferson Cann

25th April 2018

3 sure ways to know if you’re in a 'Leadership' or a 'Management' Team

Everyone has their favoured definitions of leadership teams (strategic, vision, direction, resource allocation, seniority etc.) and management teams (tactical, implementation, process driven, getting...

Posted by Jefferson Cann

29th August 2017

Who do you think you are? And why does it matter?

Who do you spend most of your time thinking about? How much of your inner dialogue is taken up with reviewing what you said / what they said / what you and they will say / what they might think of...

Posted by Jefferson Cann

25th August 2017

Belron and Afrika Tikkun Paint the Township Purple

Belron and Afrika Tikkun go to paint a school purple, and discover that all you need is love... together they raise awareness and break the stigma against people with disability Here is a short video...

Posted by Jefferson Cann

25th August 2017

10 Imperatives you Must Consider before Leadership Development

We are all unique individuals – the way you lead most effectively will differ from the way others lead, The quality of your Leadership is determined by the quality ofyour Awareness of and your...

Posted by Jefferson Cann

2nd May 2017

The Empowerment of Women and Positive Social Evolution in Disney’s “Frozen”

Anyone with children or grandchildren under 12 years will know of “Frozen” and has probably joked about being driven insane by that song! What is often not understood is that the film may be one...

Posted by Jefferson Cann

6th March 2017

How to Resolve Conflicts – A Practical Exercise for Teams and Individuals

The first casualty of a conflict situation is the very thing that lies at the heart of good relationships – listening.  At these times it is not only that we don’t want to hear the other party – we...

Posted by Jefferson Cann

6th March 2017

Learn from the Best Example of Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

Heard of Emotional Intelligence (EI)?  Done the course?  Ever seen a great example of all six EI Leadership styles illustrated in five minutes?  In the course of my work I have looked high and low...

Posted by Jefferson Cann

5th January 2017


We are all told that individual development supports organisational performance, and it seems intuitively right. But sometimes it is difficult to see just how it is so, and especially when you are...

Posted by Jefferson Cann

1st July 2016

So you think you’re a leader, eh? Could you Work to Emancipate Women in Africa’s largest slum?

How do you stack up against the inspirational founders of the Kibera Girls Soccer Academy (KGSA), Byrones Khainga and Abdula Kassim? Kibera is Africa’s largest urban slum.  To give you an idea of...

Posted by Jefferson Cann

29th March 2016

A world-leading example of true empowerment

Nigel and I have just returned from another Extraordinary Leadership Journey to Johannesburg with a management team from Belron Canada, hosted by Afrika Tikkun. The empowerment programme for mothers...

Posted by Jefferson Cann

15th April 2015

How Can I Deal with Atrocities?

When we are confronted with appalling massacres and atrocities such as those in the Middle East and Africa most recently, what are we meant to do? It can be very difficult to understand how to relate...

Posted by Jefferson Cann

13th February 2015

5 Steps to bring your Organisational Values Alive!

When we look at quantifying how well values are lived within an organisation, we immediately run into the issue of trying to understand one dimension - i.e. an individual’s subjective experience of...

Posted by Jefferson Cann

28th November 2014

No Judgement, No Conflict?

Judgement creates conflict. We know this from our own experience - recognise these scenarios?: You start off having a positive exploratory conversation and end up in an argument defending a position...

Posted by Jefferson Cann

25th November 2014

Trust Everyone 100%, 100% of the time!

When I say I trust, or don’t trust, someone, what am I actually saying? What is it that I am trusting or not trusting? Trust is one of the fundamental aspects of the relationship between leaders and...

Posted by Jefferson Cann

24th November 2014

Purpose saves you Time and Energy – as well as giving Meaning!

"We are all unique manifestations of humanity, wherever we think humanity may come from ... The purpose of our time here is to real-ise - to make real - that uniqueness, and to give it to the world...

Posted by Jefferson Cann

24th February 2014

A New Model for Leveraging the Value and Effectiveness of Leadership Development through combining it with CSR Activities

Our work over the past five years through the Extraordinary Leadership Journey to Kenya has proven the value of delivering intensive leadership development programmes in environments that strongly...

Posted by Jefferson Cann

2nd December 2013

LeadNow! helps develop young leaders in Kenya

Our new venture for 18 to 25 year olds, LeadNow! held a workshop attended by 190 students at Mount Kenya University in Thika, Kenya. This is what the students thought ... more information...

Posted by Jefferson Cann

24th July 2013

New Leadership Journey in India Scheduled for January 2014

The Extraordinary Leadership Journey Stripped of your status, your power, the hierarchical deference of those in your organisation, your cultural reference points, your emotional shields and...

Posted by Jefferson Cann

6th May 2013

Leadership Discoveries as the Waves Recede

Just over a week ago I participated in the powerful experience of the Purple Beach Launch (, created by Annemie Ress and her team.  I didn't want to pre-limit the creative and...

Posted by Jefferson Cann

16th August 2012

Broadcast of an interview of Jefferson by David William Gibbons

In conversation with David William Gibbons: this interview will be broadcast by David on his Saturday Edition August 18, 2012 3.00pm Pacific/6.00pm Eastern/22.00 GMT. David and Jefferson explore the...

Posted by Jefferson Cann

9th July 2012

Jefferson talks about the Evolution of Leadership Consciousness

A conversation between Jefferson and Kingsley Dennis of WorldShift International has just been published on the WorldShift website: Jefferson, discusses...

Posted by Jefferson Cann

28th March 2012

Remember, we are human beings, not human doings!

  Remember, we are human beings, not human doings! One of the most difficult things to remember when you are the leader of a company or team is that what you want to say matters far less than what ...

Posted by Jefferson Cann

9th March 2012

Article on 3-Dimensional Leadership

We are working more widely and in more depth with 3-Dimensional Leadership.  We are also in the process of developing our 3-Dimensional Leadership Profiling tool - more on theat in a little while...

Posted by Jefferson Cann

25th January 2012

The Power of Storytelling

The stories we tell ourselves - our "life narratives" - create and maintain the realities we experience.  This is why storytelling has always been at the centre of human life, from camp-fires to...

Posted by Jefferson Cann

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