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Extraordinary Leadership development

We believe that Leadership is not a style. It is a state of Being, unique to each individual. Each of these programmes seeks to release that unique leader in each of us, through creating an experiential and conceptual framework in which each participant understands for themselves how they can most powerfully and positively live the ACT of Leadership – developing Awareness, Connection and Transformation.

We understand that leadership development is not an overnight fix but a journey and one which requires the organisation, participants and Extraordinary Leadership to work in partnership to deliver the right environment and input for learning. Extraordinary Leadership share this philosophy and have been a “true” partner investing in the development of our current and future leaders. The feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive with people often citing these programmes as the best they have ever attended.

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Extraordinary Leadership Development
Extraordinary Leadership Performance Coaching

Extraordinary leadership cannot be learned second hand. It must be experienced, and that experience must take place in all the dimensions of a human’s being – mental, physical, emotional and spiritual – through whole-being engagement.   Within the framework of our comprehensive 3-Dimensional Leadership Model, we use all and any  of the available performance coaching and psychological resources...

The Extraordinary Personal Leadership Performance Plan

In sport, a professional sportsperson trains, clarifies personal aims and objectives, devises a strategic approach and game plan – plays – reviews performance with a coach (often with video evidence), trains, re-clarifies … In business, an individual will play, play and play again with little or no training and nothing but the most cursory and subjective performance review. No wonder that the...

Extraordinary Leadership Teams

We don’t always get the performance we want. Not from ourselves and not from others. It can be frustrating. We may not know if it is in some way their fault or ours, nor may we know quite what to do about it: if we did, we would already have done it. It’s bizarre: everyone wants to perform, We haven’t yet met anyone who wants to perform badly, and everyone would prefer to be in a high-performance...

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